Internet-of-things : Predict and Change the future

Branded as the most over-hyped technology by Garner’s hype cycle report, the Internet of Things (IoT) has seen a large number of technologies
being built to harness the symbiotic relationship between data from the IoT and analytics of Big Data. The important thing to understand
about the IoT is that, it is not just about reporting if lights are on in your parked car or to switch off your TV because you forgot to turn it off while leaving home. The real magic is in that, it can figure out potential situations that are about to happen and then go ahead and implement preventive measures before the problem actually occurs. The IoT in its full potential is about literally changing the future.

January 2015 edition of Electronic For You (EFY) magazine ran a ‘Tech Focus’ story on this with contributions from Emertxe. Click here to download the complete article:


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