Emertxe trainings : Portfolio

As an organization Emertxe’s contribute in the skill-enablement area by providing quality trainings. Our target customer include students, corporate and universities. We offer various trainings (instructor lead, online, workshops) to cater various skill requirements of each segment. Our technology verticals are embedded systems, java, android and software engineering. Here is a presentation on trainings byRead More

IEEE paper by Emertxe Alumni

Embedded systems course

It always feels great to see our alumni’s accomplishment in the field of technology. One of our recent alumnus from embedded systems training Mr. Lokesh Jaliminche has published a  paper in IEEE conference. Details are provided below. Team Emertxe congratulates this accomplishment and wish him all the best for future achievements. The abstract and IEEE URLRead More

Dangling pointers in C : A practical tutorial

dangling pointers in c

Dangling pointers in C – Usage and how to prevent them. Great guide for C newbies and Embedded systems programmers. Tutorial with practical examples. Dangling pointers are those that do not point to valid objects. Pointers are like sharp knives that have tremendous power in C programming. When used properly, they reduce the complexity of the programs toRead More