Resume writing tips

Resume writing tips

As a fresher one of the key challenge engineers face is about writing an impressive resume. Right set of information need to be represented in the right way to create impression with recruiting companies. In fact the resume reaches before an engineer turns up for a test / interview. In Emertxe we have been running DISHA sessions where we share some important tips in preparing resume.

In order to benefit larger crowd we have create an info-graphic series consisting of images. These are easy to understand and easy to implement items. Check out the link below to download the top-5 resume writing tips document.

Resume writing tips – Info-graphic document (click to download PDF)


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One thought on “Resume writing tips

  1. Being a fresher, I face a number of challenges while preparing a resume. Such as, what to include, what not to include etc. This blog helped me in resume writing. Thank you so much for sharing

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