Linux Internals Interview Questions : Multitasking | Memory management | IPC mechanisms

Linux Internals and networking module has various topics describing OS concepts, kernel, IPC, Multi-threading etc., Students should try to relate the concepts, understand and remember it. In one of the recent classes, some of our students had doubts in few concepts, which were asked in recent interviews that they have gone through. We have collectedRead More

Linux Internals – Interview Preparation Guide – Free Download

As a part of our ECEP (Emertxe Certified Embedded Systems) program in Emertxe, we teach Linux Internals and Networking, where our students acquire in depth knowledge in Linux programming. It is necessary for an Embedded engineer to learn about operating system concepts and Linux internals(System calls, API’s, Interfaces). To give a glimpse on the following topicsRead More

Campus to Corporate Training – Talk for freshers to become professionals

Campus to Corporate Training: Being successful in career requires lot of strength in character by sticking to basics. Mr. Yogesh’s talk exactly re-iterated this key aspect by focusing on how to manage your boss, your career and eventually yourself. Rather than being completely technical in our DISHA (knowledge share) sessions, we moved to soft-skills thisRead More